Tài liệu CFA Level 2 2012 Curriculum – Kaplan Schweser Notes + QBank + Practice + Video…

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Tài liệu CFA Level 2 2012 (Curriculum – Kaplan Schweser Notes + QBank + Practice + Video…)

Tài liệu CFA Level 2 2012 (Curriculum – Kaplan Schweser Notes + QBank + Practice + Video…)

Loại tài liệu Nhà xuất bản Năm xuất bản Giá bán lẻ
Curriculum (6 Volume) CFA Institute 2012 49k
SchweserNotes™  1-5 ( or 0-5 ) Kaplan Schweser
2012 49k
Schweser’s QuickSheet™ 2012 49k
Practice Exams, Vol. 1 & 2 (6 full-length exams) 2012 49k
SchweserPro™ QBank 2012 49k
Schweser Video CD(16 CDs) + 2 WorkBooks 2012 149k
Schweser Secret Sauce 2012 49k

Tất cả tài liệu của năm 2011 gồm ebook Curriculum + Kaplan Schweser + Stalla + ….

Giá trọn bộ (gồm tất cả tài liệu trên) là 199k, tiết kiệm 244k


Curriculum Giáo trình chính của CFA Institute
SchweserNotes™  1-5 ( or 0-5 )  (Tóm tắt cùa Curriculum) The foundation of your CFA® study program! Concise, clear, and comprehensive, the 5-volume SchweserNotes™ cover every required Learning Outcome for the exam, with clear explanations, detailed examples, practice problems, and self-tests to measure your progress.
Schweser’s QuickSheet™   (Bảng công thức tóm gọn) Convenient study on the go! This compact study tool folds out to 6 pages, providing a quick review of the “must-know” key formulas, definitions, and concepts of the CFA curriculum. 8-1/2 x 11″; laminated for use over lunch or coffee.
Practice Exams, Vol. 1 & 2 (6 full-length exams) (6 đề thi thử)  There’s no such thing as being “over-prepared”! These 6 full-length practice exams let you test yourself like nothing else. In fact, our students tell us that our practice exams are as challenging as the actual CFA® exam.
SchweserPro™ QBank (Phần mềm trắc nghiệm) Thousands of multiple-choice questions help you effectively manage your time while you continually quiz yourself and review critical concepts and Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) from your home, office, or on the go.

With SchweserPro™ you can:

  • Quiz yourself with thousands of multiple-choice questions
  • Build exams using the topics and the number of questions you select
  • Take practice exams online or on CD
  • View answer explanations and LOS summaries
  • Create, save, and print personal study notes
Schweser Video CD(16 CDs) + 2 WorkBooks (Video + slide bài giảng)  Study your way—on your schedule! Even if you can’t commit yourself to a live weekly class, you can still receive our world-renowned instruction anytime, anywhere, on the topic of your choice. Available on CD 
Schweser Secret Sauce Trọng tâm của kỳ thi
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2011 DMC Sample Exams
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